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I was always curious about my environment growing up, as so many children are, always  asking what,  where, why,  etc.  I must have drove my mother crazy!   As I grew older, those questions never went away.

I grew up on a farm and ranch in northcentral Montana.  I loved the outdoors… I loved nature.  It was so awesome to watch summer storms come off the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains.  I tried to capture their awesomeness on film.  It didn’t work.  Words can’t describe it either.  The only thing I could say that doesn’t even come close….”Nature is a powerful force!  Awesome to behold!!”

My father taught me to be a “caretaker” of the land….work with it, not against it.   You can’t fight nature….learn to cooperate with it.

I received a college degree after highschool.  I thought I had attained a “higher level of intelligence” by going to a university.  I would eventually realize years later, that’s not necessarily so.  Some types of education is best experienced “first hand”.

Returning to the farm, my fellow farm neighbors and I would attend continuing education seminars during the off-season.  We’d learn new ideas and strategies on how to farm better.  Much of the education came from major agriculture corporations, who pushed products such as fertilizer, which was sourced from major chemical companies.

Years later, I would learn that those ways weren’t necessarily better.   Nature’s fertilizer can do amazing wonders for soil.   Just because the government stamps their “approval” on new procedures, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best path for mankind.

One of my favorite examples was a piece of property my father bought next to our farm.  It was operated by a  farmer that had approximately 40 to 50 cows, and he would routinely spread their manure (cow dung) over a 20 acre field.

When that farmer retired and my father bought the property, we tore out his fencing, and incorporated it into our field.  As we tilled the neighbor’s ground, we couldn’t see any difference between our soil and his.  But as it turns out, there WAS a lot of difference.

Because of the manure spreading the previous owner had done for years, the soil was much richer and more vibrant than our farmland  that surrounded it.  At harvest time, we would actually have to slow our combines down noticeably when we would cross that “imaginary line” between our field and the new property.  The wheat stand was so much thicker & healthier on his side than ours.

My father’s normal yield would average 40 to 50 bushels of wheat per acre (which was considered great for Montana dry-land (non-irrigated).  The land where the farmer had spread the cow dung easily produced double the yield….80 to 100 bushels per acre!  (even 30 years later!)

There was no match between Nature’s fertilizer (cow dung) and the commercial fertilizer modern agriculture recommended.  My experience?  Nature wins out totally!

So, when I started coming down with boils, and after doing much research on the internet, I found there was no site that talked about how to  stop boils, at least according to established medicine.  The only solution they offered was “warm compresses”, and to wait it out!  Recovery could take weeks!  In other words…SUFFER!

If a boil was on my buttocks, it would be excruciatingly painful to even sit on a soft bed.  My average boil would be 3/4″ in diameter.  These were like “super pimples”, on steroids!  The slightest touch would cause much pain.

I remembered back to the farm and ranch days…maybe there were other solutions, like natural solutions.

After suffering through 4 or 5  boils, thankfully, a dear friend alerted me to a completely NATURAL WAY of dealing with boils.

I took a chance, and gave it a try.  I found if I applied this certain herbal formula at the first onset of a boil (itching and redness), it would stop the boil in its tracks.  RELEASE from torment! Wow….unbelievable.

But I came to believe it.  It happened numerous times, and each time I applied this natural herbal mixture at the onset of the itching and redness, it would stop the boil.  Awesome!!  No more misery!

THUS, the genesis of BoilsNoMore. 

Yoga Enthusiast

Montana Farmer

Outdoor Adventurer


When our first 2 children were 1 and 3 years old, they both started coming down with ear infections every 7 weeks or so.  So, like so many people do, we took the kids to see the family doctor, and he prescribed an antibiotic.

Within 7 days, the infection was gone in both kids.  Great!  Modern day medicine at its best!  But, a month or so later, their ear infections had returned! 

My wife & I took them back to the doctor.  He verified that the ear infections had returned, and prescribed another dose of antibiotics.  Again, within a week of taking the antibiotics,the infections were gone. But, a month or so later, the ear infections had returned again.

We repeated this cycle 5 or 6 different times in the next 6 or 7  months, with the same result.  Total cost: about $600.00. Today it would be over a thousand, I’m sure.

Thankfully some friends recommended a Naturopath.  After we had met with her, and she had checked our kids out, she recommended we do 3 things for them:   

  1. Feed them 1 clove of raw, crushed garlic every day, mixed in yogurt. (Paul Harvey, world-renowned radio broadcaster, called garlic, “Nature’s antibiotic”.)
  2. 1 cup of Yogurt , with probiotics (live bacteria cultures) (this is the good bacteria, very beneficial for the human body).    Mix the garlic in with the yogurt….the kids won’t hardly taste it!
  3. Organic Echinacea & Goldenseal (known for centuries, and used by the native Americans) mixed together in a liquid solution.  One eyedropper squirted in the mouth, morning and night.

After we had them on this program for 7 days, the ear infections stopped.  There were no more ear infections, EVER!   (Total cost for Natural? about $30.00!!)

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